A new Halls Of Oblivion EP will be released digitally on all platforms on February 5th, 2021. The idea to publish the EP arose at the beginning of the Corona pandemic. Three songs on the 4-track EP are made from older song material that the band has revised over the past few months. The songs are about the deepest depths of human existence and society. The title track ‘… Of Hate And Despair’ symbolizes the theme of the EP and the feeling of hopelessness. The EP was recorded in the band’s home studio and the mixing and mastering was done by bassist Markus Kristen.

In addition to the three new songs the EP contains an acoustic version of ‘Walking Dead’ and creates a direct reference to their first album Endtime Poetry, which was released in 2019. Special guests on the EP are Mindead singer Timo Fielker (vocals on ‘Walking Dead’), Jens Böhm (keyboards on ‘King Of None’, ‘…Of Hate And Despair’ and ‘Walking Dead’), Laura Welte (flute on ‘’King Of None’) and Julia Makain (violin on ‘Walking Dead’). Stay tuned for more!