Hope You like It (2022)

Keep The Fire Burning (2016)

Sleazy, melodic, catchy!

KISS THE VYPER is Melodic Rock the sleazy way and the brainchild of Australian multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, engineer and producer Bobby Miller. He played in a few other bands like NOBODY‘S FOOL in the UK and DELTA 7 in Australia. But KISS THE VYPER is his main love where he can combine his vision of Melodic Rock with the street attitude of Sleazy Hardrock.

Together with Corrie Antipaticio (Drums), Rob Bodger (Bass), Deb Star (Backing Vocals) and the help from WHITE WIDDOW guitarist Enzo Almanzi and FROZEN TEARS keyboard player Jon Power he recorded the new album.

The follow up to the well-received debut album ‘Keep The Fire Burning’ is a major step forward when it comes to songwriting and production. It still maintains hard melodic styles, but with a bigger production and catchier songs. Teaming up with a European label is the next step forward to show the word the KISS THE VYPER vision on Melodic Hardrock.

Imagine a more dirty version of EUROPE, FOREIGNER or JOURNEY combined with the 80ies L.A. street sound of bands like PRETTY BOY FLOYD or MÖTLEY CRÜE and you will know what KISS THE VYPER stands for.



Bobby Miller: Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Rob Bodger: Bass, backing vocals
Corrie Antipatico: drums
Deb Star: Backing vocals