Night Of Retribution (2023)

Iron Wings / Power Of My Sword EP (2022)

Beware of German Power Metal hopefuls RIGORIOUS!

Founded in Monheim in 2021, RIGORIOUS indulge in Heavy Metal in its more modern form with synthesizers and orchestral elements. The driving songs have a certain power thanks to the variable singing with melodic, rough and shouted parts, which is probably unique in this form. Singer Lukas does not have a classic power metal voice in the falsetto range, but ranges from clean to roughened over three octaves, mostly in the deep midrange. With 107 DB at his peak, he is louder than a jackhammer! After setting their first scent in 2022 with the EP “Iron Wings / Power Of My Sword”, their debut album “Night of Retribution” now follows. The ten-song album was produced, mixed and mastered by none other than GRAVE DIGGER singer Chris Boltendahl.

Thematically, it’s all about combat in a fantasy novel. Whether melodic, melancholic or aggressive, the topic is illuminated in a variety of ways in each song. With the Argentinian bass player Ignacio Lopez (SKILTRON) and the Spanish bass player Jose Gutierrez Carlos (EVERY KING HAS A CLOWN) there are two excellent guest musicians at the start and Chris Boltendahl also didn’t miss out and took over the spoken vocals on “Lost”. Despite their short lifespan, the quintet has already managed to share stages with acts like BRAINSTORM, RAGE, ORDEN OGAN and SERIOUS BLACK. Without question, RIGORIOUS is ready to attack!




Lukas Remus – Vocals
Lukas Famula – Guitar
Christopher Blankenaufulland – Guitar
Sebastian Kanczok – Bass
Paul Reil – Drums