Project 8 Center (2023)

Heading for new shores!

Tommy Clauss, guitarist and mastermind of the German rock band ZAR is back with a new project. After Tommy released several ZAR albums, which included ex-URIAH HEEP singer John Lawton, he now presents PROJECT 8 CENTER. The eight symbolizes infinity, the free flow of energy, coming and going and eternal life. The band works with different female singers. Alongside Zorana Memedovic and Liliana Iodice, Tommy can be heard singing on two songs. Bassist Jeff Jefferson and drummer Vince Marxer were already active in the last line-up of ZAR. All songs were written, recorded, produced and partially mixed by Tommy. A few songs were mixed by Roger Stübs at Meadow Snake Studio, Aland. The album was mastered by Nik Paumgarten in Vienna. Expect a wide range of rock music, from heavy metal to mainstream rock, from ballads to classical guitar work with vocals. There is no fixed style but diversity. There is something for every emotional world.

It’s certainly no wonder that the album contains loads of guitars. With brute riffs, cool solos, acoustic guitar and classical guitar, Tommy shows why he is one of the best and most versatile guitarists in Germany. Without net and false floor. Of course, the URIAH HEEP influence is still present through his work with John Lawton, which can be heard especially on the harmony vocals. PROJECT 8 CENTER offers great songs with great hooks and one or the other surprise. Everyone who likes HALESTORM, DISTURBED, MR. BIG, OZZY OSBOURNE or DIO should definitely give this album a try.




Zorana Memedovic: Vocals
Liliana Iodice: Vocals
Tommy Clauss: Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Jefferson: Bass
Vince Marxer: Drums