Better Than You (2023)


POWERIZED is a Dutch rock band from Breda consisting of Nick Holleman, Thom Schotel and Ralph Adriaansen. The multi-instrumental three-piece shines in its very own way and delivers a varied and dynamic show, both musically and visually. A wild ride from light-hearted, danceable symphonies to intimate intermezzos. Musically, POWERIZED is best described as the middle ground between P!nk, Coldplay, latest Muse, Imagine Dragons with a touch of Queen. Individually these gentlemen have seen the biggest stages with internationally acclaimed acts.

The self-produced album BETTER THAN YOU shows all the band’s talents and its 10 songs, filled with unique, overwhelming sound and lyrical depth, infect you with their energetic music! The wide vocal range and expressive performance of frontman Nick, the playful, percussive elements and dynamic drum tones of Ralph and the connecting abilities of rhythm and melody of string-master Thom will immediately draw the listeners under its magic spell. The songs on BETTER THAN YOU show a lot of diversity, but the band worked long and hard to keep them connected to each other and become a unity. While recording, the band created a distinguished sound with their own identity. Starting with a certain atmosphere, setting or emotion, then dive deep into the core of that, embrace it and make it POWERIZED. Jump aboard and join the experience!

Despite the limited number of releases, the band has gained a lot of live experience with several tours throughout Europe and a sold-out tour in Japan, and already built up a massive fanbase.





Nick Holleman – Vocals, guitar, piano
Thom Schotel – Guitar, violin, bass
Ralph Adriaansen – Drums