Veleno (2023)

Dresscode: Black (2019)
Heart over Head – The Remixes (2016)
Heart over Head (2014)
Ever Enough? EP (2012)

KISSIN’ BLACK are back!

With a balancing act between soft and hard. And that succeeds perfectly with the new album VELENO (poison). 13 new songs juxtaposing southern temperament and Swiss precision. A unique poison capturing passion and diametrical energies, fusing them into KISSIN’ BLACK’s very own sound. As if this were not enough, an extra impulse is injected into VELENO by the collaboration with “Dark Rock Star” and singer of the band HELL BOULEVARD Matteo vDiva Fabbiani. The Italian title song releases emotions that capture its full depth in Giu Mastrogiacomo’s native language. VELENO defines lovers as poison and antidote. The frontman’s voice, velvety, rough, and emotionally charged, carries across borders, and soothes wanderlust. Here wild and dark, there tantalizing and melancholic, ever returning to trusting and gentle. There is no parsimony where appeal or sound are concerned. KISSIN’ BLACK plumb the depths of their instruments’ souls to electrify their lyrics and lay their feelings bare. To lend the darkness a deepened resonance, the acoustic guitar bows to its electric counterpart more often on the album. The band has increased in hardness and intensity with no detriment to its romantic vein. VELENO was once again produced by renowned sound guru Rob Viso and Giu Mastrogiacomo. The Swiss artist Martin Gut has also given the album a very special visual shine with his painting “The Wilting Rose Of Love” which is used as artwork for the album. The album will be released on CD, vinyl with download code and digital.




Giu Mastrogiacomo – Vocals
Andy Dormann – Guitar
Pascal Zwyssig – Guitar
André Huber-Meznaric – Keyboards
Dave Roos Launchbury – Bass
Marcel Spiga – Drums